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Inside the NEU: Ignacio Iturria


This week the Neuberger Museum of Art looks back to A Studio in the Gallery: The Playful Universe of Ignacio Iturria, a Fall 2017 retrospective of one of Uruguay’s most accomplished artists.


Iturria is one of the artists featured in Destination: Latin America, the exhibition profiled in last week’s Inside the NEU video.

For more than four decades, Iturria has created work that invites us to view the world with amusement and hope. In his small theatrical stages filled with whimsical people and animals, Iturria creates universes inside of which he transforms found objects and uses trompe-l’oeil effects to play with viewers’ perceptions. The first part of the exhibition featured forty of these paintings illustrating key moments in the artist’s trajectory.

The second part of the exhibition featured a living studio in which the artist worked in collaboration with Purchase College students during a two-month residency; the new works created during this collaboration were added to the retrospective as they were completed. In this video, see Iturria at work in his studio at the Neuberger Museum.

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Patrice Giasson e Ignacio Iturria PARTE 1 (12:52)
[Spanish with English subtitles]

Patrice Giasson e Ignacio Iturria PARTE 2 (19:13)
[Spanish with English subtitles]


July 20, 2020