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Activity: Principles of Art - Movement

In this NEU To Do for Kids Activity Worksheet, learn about MOVEMENT, one of the seven principles of art that creates the impression of action in an artwork.

Movement adds excitement, drama, and overall compositional interest to an artwork. An artist can direct how a viewer’s eye moves around an image by arranging its elements in a certain way. Rhythm, line, color, balance and space also play a major role in creating the feeling of movement. For example, the eye will naturally travel along the path of a solid or dotted line, from large to smaller elements, from dark to lighter elements, from color to non color, from organic shapes to geometric shapes, etc. By using these movement techniques, the viewer’s attention can be directed from the main focal point to other elements around the composition.

Download the Activity Worksheet

This worksheet includes a word search, word scramble, and crossword puzzle.

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These activities were created in collaboration with the Neuberger Museum of Art Education Department and Diana Puglisi, Curator of Education, Youth & Adult Programs.