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backstory: November 19 and the Friends

You’ve heard me mention that next year we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Museum. This milestone wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Friends of the Neuberger Museum of Art. It’s true. We wouldn’t be one of the top academic art museums in the country without the Friends organization. 

This Sunday is the anniversary of the first meeting of the Board of the Friends. Roy R. Neuberger, our founding patron, established the Friends group and modeled it after a similar organization that he helped found at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Margot and Robert Linton, longtime supporters of the Museum, hosted the first meeting of the Friends Board at their home. Joining Roy and Margot were the Neuberger’s first director, Bryan Robertson, along with Michael Baird, Ann Collins, Dr. Gibson Danes, Sweetie Engel, Sue Glickman, Erika Hall, Dr. Abbott Kaplan, Charles Levitt, Linda Lese, Jane Lombard, Elaine Malsin, Polly Siwek, John Straus, Lois Steckler, Barbara Weeden, and Leonard and Helen Yaseen. It was there, at that meeting, that the Friends began laying out a roadmap of support for the Museum.

Last year we curated a special exhibition, The Friends at 50: Selections from the Collection, and threw a Big Birthday Celebration to honor the Friends and its support of our growing collection.  Many of you were there. Here’s a photo album with some fun memories from the party.  Enjoy.

We are thankful for 52 years of support from the Friends!

Tracy Fitzpatrick
Director, Neuberger Museum of Art

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