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backstory: Dance

Last week, a group of students from the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance visited the Museum with faculty member Nelly Van Bommel ’04 to experience Dennis Oppenheim: The Assembly Line

Patrice Giasson, who co-curated the exhibition with Jacqueline Shilkoff, gave the students a quick tour and a few explanations of the work. Then they just started dancing!  It was such a joy to see how the students interacted with the art. Especially since the work is about giving physical form to creative impulses.

Dance students in various poses and movement in a museum gallery with pieces of a large industrial sculpture in the background


If you missed it, back in November I shared photos of dance students performing a wonderful improvisation event in the gallery with our Nicolás De Jesús exhibition. Here’s a link to see those photos and videos. We’ll do more of these collaborations.

Tracy Fitzpatrick
Director, Neuberger Museum of Art

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