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Billboard Magazine Touts Studio Production Program

Purchase ranks among some of “the best academic programs” for audio engineering.

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The Studio Production program made Billboard Magazine’s list of a dozen colleges students should consider if they want to be music producers in their recent piece “Want to Be a Producer? Check Out These Audio Engineering Programs.”

“The studio is your classroom at these universities, and the professors your introduction to the music business.”

They point to the hands-on learning and wide variety of music genres experienced here as solid features of the program.

But what we offer that most others listed don’t is affordability. We’re proudly public—you get a world-class experience for a fraction of the cost of expensive private schools.

We’re conveniently located just north of New York City and all its connections to the music industry. 

And you learn from the best—like Peter Denenberg, chair of the Studio Production program—in a collaborative and supportive music community.

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