The undergraduate major in studio production is among the leading programs of its kind in the United States.

The program seeks a limited number of experienced producers and engineers who display advanced skills in recording, production, and associated technology. It is the quest of the studio production program and its faculty to develop producers who can ultimately work within a wide spectrum of musical genres with expertise, awareness, and understanding of each genre’s subtleties and traditions and with sharply honed technological, musical, and business skills. The faculty and alumni alike are established artists and producers, and many studio production students are professionals before they graduate.

The hallmarks of the studio production program include:

  • hands-on studio experience
  • thorough training in most musical genres, from hip-hop to Mozart
  • small-group study with professional producers
  • music theory and musicianship for producers

The curriculum offers hands-on lessons in each of the state-of-the-art recording facilities housed in the Conservatory of Music, plus a thorough grounding in the business of music. Additionally, studio production students engineer dozens of recitals for their fellow students in the conservatory, creating a synergy that is virtually exclusive to Purchase College. The program also functions closely with the studio composition program, and collaborative accomplishment between these two programs is typical in classes, concerts, and recording sessions.