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Known Google Chrome and Assignment Issues in Moodle

Several faculty members have recently reported an issue with saving grades and feedback in Moodle while using Google Chrome as well as difficulty creating a basic Moodle Assignment activity using any web browser. Here are some ways to address these concerns until updates are released.

Google Chrome Issues in Moodle

If you are using Chrome, you may be unable to save grades and feedback entered on Assignment activities. The issue is likely caused by a change with how the latest version of Google Chrome aggressively blocks third-party cookies by default.

You can try adjusting your Chrome browser’s settings to “Allow Cookies” or to make an exception to allow cookies from Moodle using the information at the Google Chrome Help page.

You can tell the browser to allow cookies from Moodle specifically by using the steps outlined at the “Allow or block cookies for a specific site” section:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More More and then Settings.
  3. Under “Privacy and security,” click Cookies and other site data.
  4. Next to “Sites that can always use cookies,” click Add.
  5. Enter the web address.
    • To create an exception for an entire domain, insert [*.] before the domain name. Enter: [*.]
  6. Select Add.

To remove an exception you don’t want any more, to the right of the website, click More More and then Remove.

Entering [*.] will allow all Moodle cookies by default.

If you do not want to adjust your Chrome settings, please use an alternative browser for the time being, until Google addresses the issue (if they address the issue). For the best experience, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox when working with Moodle.

‘Error Writing to Database’ when creating a basic Moodle Assignment

Additionally, you may experience an issue with creating a basic Moodle Assignment activity if you uncheck the “Remind me to grade by” date parameter in the Assignment setup, which will result in an “error writing to database” message.

To create your assignment, leave the “Remind me to grade by” date parameter checked. The assignment will be created and you can go back and edit that setting, if you’d like.

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