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Rehab. of Heritage Site

Restoring one of the oldest buildings on campus.

Project Updates as of November 14, 2022

Our architect, Kliment Halsband Architects, is developing their design development documents, which will break the project into a number of phases.  The first phase will include relocating the Admissions department over into newly developed spaces at the CMFT Entry Pavilion.  This will allow us to free up spaces to begin renovations to the Administration building.  They also recently completed boring samples to see how feasible installing geo-thermal wells might be.  Anticipated construction start on the first phase is late Spring 2023.

Project Overview

The Heritage Site consists of a number of original buildings from when the campus was a working farm, located on the southwest side of the campus.  This project will focus on the Administration Building.  The Administration Building is a three story wood framed building, constructed in 1912 with two side additions that were added later.  The building currently houses the offices of Admissions and Institutional Advancement.

The project will look at stabilizing the exterior envelop of the building to help stop any further deterioration caused by leaks, insect infestation, and poor site drainage.  It will also look at renovating the interior to achieve better circulation, adjacencies, and overall accessibility upgrades.  Because of the complexity and coordination required on the project, we will be using a multi-phased approach to this project.

The first phase of this will address the exterior stabilization needs noted above, but will start by renovating under-utilized spaces in the new CMFT Entry Pavilion lobby and Passage Gallery.

This will allow us to relocate the Admissions staff out of the Administration building thus reducing the number of occupants in the building and freeing up space to start the work on the exterior shell.  It also allow us to maximize space efficiency, by taking advantage of the newly renovated visitor parking lot in W1 and entrance to CMFT, and will add the necessary offices, meeting space and welcome area in the lobby and Passage Gallery areas. This will give visitors and tours easy access to the Plaza.

The second phase will look at renovating the interior of the main Administration building. Work inside will include interior modifications and finishes, a new elevator, upgrades to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and telecommunications and security.  Energy efficiency will also be a priority with the potential of a geothermal system being added.

Once renovated, the first floor will be fully accessible and designed for programming, meetings and events. The second floor will include University Advancement offices. The third floor will be for storage, but open to future development.

The Annex,  where our Purchasing office was previously located will be left as is for now.

The location and use of the renovated Administration building will be a key component in bridging the Broadview and Purchase campuses.

Timeline:  Design

Lead Agency:  State Construction Fund of New York

Design:  Kliment Halsband Architects

Contractor:  TBD

Budget:  $

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