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Exterior Masonry Restoration on CCN, CCS & Neuberger Museum

Addressing exterior masonry issues to prevent water infiltration and interior damages at the Neuberger Museum of the Art, Campus Center North and Campus Center South.

Project Updates as of May 4, 2022

The Construction Fund has awarded the construction to Atlantic Specialty, Inc.  Some minor repair work as begun, as we wait for the new bricks to arrive (towards the end of May).  The contractor has set up protective fencing around CCN and at their staging area on the lawn just south of the Museum next week.

Project Overview

As part of our continued efforts to address leaks and stop exterior building envelope deterioration, a study was commissioned to look at three buildings which hadn’t yet received exterior masonry repairs, as part of other projects. The design firm Superstructures was hired to do a preliminary study of the exterior envelopes on the Neuberger Museum of Art, Campus Center North, and Campus Center South.

Based on items identified in that study, including issues with façade attachment back to the building structure, loose and bulging bricks, a need to repoint, proper shelf angles, weep-holes, seals at doors and windows, etc., this project was developed to address these issues.  We’ve hired the design firm Architecture + to do more in-depth studies of each of the three buildings.

The design work will include developing a recommendations report, budgets, options for repairs, and design/construction documentation of proposed repairs, and construction administration services. Construction work will follow and will include implementing design recommendations.

Timeline:  Construction

Lead Agency:  State University Construction Fund

Design:  Architecture +

Contractor:  Atlantic Specialty, Inc.

Budget:  $2.5 million

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