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backstory: Unsung heroes

I was back in the museum this morning working with colleagues to try and solve the answer to this puzzle: If you have a heavy, four-foot wide painting, how do two people move it while staying six feet apart?

The answer: You can’t stay six feet apart when you move a heavy, four-foot painting. So, the question becomes, how do we provide proper protections for our art handlers while they do their important work? It’s a question being asked by museums all across the country right now. Our art handlers are the great unsung heroes. When you walk into a museum and see everything looking so beautifully on the wall (can’t wait to see that again!) you have the art handlers to thank. They lift, carry, install, and de-install our precious works of art. Thank you art handlers!


Tracy Fitzpatrick
Neuberger Museum of Art


P.S. The photo shown above was taken during the installation of the Threnody exhibition in August 2019.