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And The Beat Goes On...

While the printed version took a hiatus this semester, the editorial team turned out an online issue of The Purchase Beat.

In a note to readers, The Purchase Beat’s faculty advisor, Andrew Salomon, associate professor of journalism, praised Sophia Hadeshian, editor-in-chief, for her perseverance in publishing the spring edition of the semiannual magazine dedicated to the music, arts, and culture of Purchase.

“In pulling together this issue, Sophia has shown foresight, patience, resolve and leadership, and her historic changes have strengthened our founding vision: to capture the artistic, cultural and social vitality of the Purchase College community,” he writes.

And Hadeshian is inspired by the student body’s ability to adapt, create, and find their way forward. In her own words of encouragement. “It’s easy, especially right now, to see the bad in the world. Although this is our current reality, that doesn’t change the fact that there is no productivity within negative thoughts,” Hadeshian writes. “Despite this, the Beat has seen and received such a stimulus of positivity from the Purchase community. Amazing is an understatement in describing the motivation and encouragement we have and have given each other.”

In a collection of stories themed “The Art of Staying Connected in a Time of Crisis,” students share their quarantine experiences, the work they’ve produced, and how it means to be a musician with no place to perform besides your home, and so much more.

Feel It. Follow It.

Read the current issue of The Purchase Beat here.

The Cover of the spring 2020 issue of The Beat