The journalism major at Purchase College is designed to provide students with the intellectual bases and skills to gather, assess, and disseminate information and ideas.

This equips students for careers in journalism and a wide variety of other fields, including law, government, business, and public relations. The program fits naturally in the School of Humanities, as journalism at its best exemplifies the open and honest inquiry that marks the liberal arts and sciences.

Students are offered a central set of skills courses in journalism, electives in specialized areas in a variety of media, and courses that explore the broader context of journalistic practice. Students also take advantage of the broad offerings of Purchase College, and are encouraged to have internships. The studies culminate in a senior project, an extended work that allows students to showcase the full range of their talents.


Purchase students produce journalism in a variety of computer labs using equipment consistent with industry standards. Journalism majors work in a dedicated suite in the Humanities Building that offers an integrated newsroom, broadcast studio, and control room with up-to-the-minute technology.

Our proximity to New York City, the media capital of the world, has enabled students to land internships with such varied media outlets as NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSG, Marie Claire, and the Daily News. In essence, we strive to offer our students whatever they need to produce and promote excellent work. Chief among these things is a core set of journalistic practices and principles that remain steady even as the technology changes.