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Kaspar Horsfield

Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Italian

Purchase was Kaspar Horsfield’s first choice to study graphic design even though he felt it might be too close to his northern Westchester county home. He was wrong. The academics, the faculty, and the community were just right. 

His Italian heritage drew him to take Italian as a gen ed requirement. “I progressively got more excited to fully learn the language, thanks to my professor and pre-existing connection with Italian culture. So after the first few classes I declared my minor!”

He’ll be traveling to Italy this winter for a three-week immersion trip with other students from the Italian program. In addition to learning about the culture, “I would be really interested in learning how Italians approach graphic design and where they draw their inspiration from.”

Kaspar is active on campus as a volunteer. After participating in the Summer Success Fellows program, he then became a Success Fellows mentor. He’s also a Student Orientation Leader. 

The nature of inclusivity at Purchase is probably one of his favorite things.