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Open Classroom


The Open Classroom at the Neuberger Museum of Art brings timely academic dialogues into the curatorial space through the study of and engagement with the Museum’s permanent collection. 

The space showcases collaborations with Purchase College students and faculty and features projects that move beyond the scope of the traditional classroom.

The Spring 2020 Open Classroom includes:

January 22 - March 1, 2020
Margot Lovejoy, PRINTMedia

Gallery image of Margot Lovejoy PRINTMediaThis small collection of prints is a tribute to the late Margot Lovejoy, artist and Professor Emerita of Art + Design at Purchase College. Curated by Cassandra Hooper, printmaking professor and onetime student of Lovejoy’s, this grouping includes prints and books by the artist along with other work that complements her practices.  The Neuberger is grateful to Professor Hooper and the Lovejoy family for being a part of this project. 

January 22 - May, 2020
Maura Sheehan, The Library 

Maura Sheehan’s The Library (1989) comprises 300 burned books strung on an industrial chain. The piece was once part of Sheehan’s larger installation, Drinking, Homicide, and Rebellion, which shared its name with historian William B. Taylor’s study of Spanish colonialism’s effects on indigenous Mexican populations.  The work conjures both violence and creation, historical erasure and cultural production, the power of knowledge and revolt against received order. 

This is the first time since 1989 that The Library will be exhibited. 


March 4 - May 2020
A collective by Public Agency  
Spring 2020 M+ students

M+ is a new museum studies-based track within the Purchase College Art History department’s MA program. The collective will add supplementary materials to the walls, display books, etc., that relate to the content described below in their statement:

Logo for Public Agency, the 2020 M+ student collectivePublic Agency is a curatorial collective dedicated to expanding art beyond the white walls of the institution. As Purchase College students, we are developing a series of exhibitions centered around an object from the Neuberger Museum’s collection. Engaging with artist Maura Sheehan’s work, The Library (1989), our goal is to provoke discussions at the intersections of power, education, censorship, and art. Our spring schedule of displays and events will interrogate our colonized past and imagine a decolonized future.

The Library is being exhibited to explore these themes, to illuminate invisible histories and why they have gone unacknowledged.

More about M+
The new Museum + Curatorial Studies (M+) track within the Art History MA program centers the Neuberger Museum of Art in a pedagogical model that systematically programs connections between Art History, the School of Art + Design, and the Neuberger. M+ students work with the Neuberger’s collection, producing original research, exhibitions, and public programming. They do so with an eye to learning how an arts institution functions—training in skills that will prepare them for careers in the field—and also to rethinking the social role of the arts, tying the values of humanistic learning and critical thinking to the importance of engaged citizenship. In concert with Art History faculty and the Neuberger staff, every M+ cohort will imagine what it means to make a Museum Wide Open.