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Pedestrian Pathway along Pine Walk South

Creating a new accessible pathway along Pine Walk South connecting the Main Plaza and Physical Education Building.

Project Updates as of February 10, 2020

Construction is nearing completion.  The contractor has poured a section of the new pathway and is scheduled to complete their work over the next few weeks.  They will be removing the protective fencing and cleaning the surrounding site.  A portion of the sidewalk was damaged by an adjoining project.  This portion is also expected to be completed next week.

Project Overview

The Great Lawn is flank on both sides by paved asphalt driveways that extend from the Main Plaza east towards the Physical Education building, referred to as Pine Walk North and South.  These are currently used by light service vehicles to access the main residence hall, Campus Center North, Campus Center South, and the Main Plaza, as well as the local fire department to gain access to the buildings.  The existing Pine Walk South is in poor shape and in need of repaving.  A future project will address this.  Because this driveway is used currently by both vehicles and pedestrians, a new pedestrian only pathway will help eliminate the conflict of sharing the driveway and create a safe route between the Main Plaza and Physical Education building.

This project will create a new concrete pathway between Pine Walk South and the Crossroads residence hall, starting at the breezeway between Crossroads and Big Haus, extending down to the raised walkway across the East Loop.  It will also connect to the bus stop across from the East 3 parking lot, a new pick-up/drop-off area in the East 3 parking lot, and include new benches to enjoy the games and events on the Great Lawn.

Timeline: Construction

Lead Agency:  Campus-Let

Design:  MJ Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.

Contractor:  Cornerstone Restoration

Budget:  $94,000