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Campus Security Upgrades

Recommendations for overall campus security systems upgrades and improvements, including access control devices, cameras, classroom security, and enhancements to internal controls and communications systems.

Project Updates as of March 9, 2024

Our design consultants have completed the construction bid documents.  We are having issues getting bids and are working on resolving these issues.

Project Overview

In order to better secure our campus and protect our students, staff, faculty, and college community, certain elements of our existing security systems need to be upgrades and expanded upon.  This project will address a number of issues to better prevent occurrences, offer vital services to our community, and create a safe environment.

This project will include adding new access control and monitoring devices to the exterior doors on both the Music and Visual Arts buildings, providing new Shelter-in-Place modifications to a number of classroom and learning space doors in our academic buildings throughout the campus, upgrades to our emergency broadcast systems, a new license plate reading system, and integration of a new Alertus system.

Timeline:  Construction Selection

Lead Agency:  Campus-Let

Design:  CHA Consulting, Inc.

Contractor:  TBD

Budget:  $