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Bookstore Roof Replacement

Old leaking roof to be replaced with new built up roofing system, new drains, and parapet repairs.

Project Update as of August 16, 2019

Construction is underway.  Protective railings are in place and the contractor has finished demolition.  They are installing new insulation and will be finishing the new roof this week.  The contractor has a small staging area over on the lawn area between the Visual Arts building and the Children’s Center.  Work is anticipated to be completed before the end of August.

Project Overview

Built in the early 1970’s, the campus bookstore building is a low single story structure that sits between the Library and the new Center for Media, Film, and Theater building (CMFT), in the center of the Main Plaza.  The Bookstore itself takes up just over half of the building with the remain area being used for retail space (currently the future home for Einstein Bros. Bagels) and a breezeway allowing access to the new CMFT building and to the concourse level below the plaza. 

The existing Bookstore roof has exceeded its useful life, suffers from numerous leaks, and is exposing the interior of the building to further damage and deterioration.  Sections of the roof were recently modified as part of the new CMFT project, so now is the ideal time to make these repairs.

The project will replace the existing single-ply roofing system with a new built up roofing system, making future repairs easier, and will have a white finish, helping to reflect heat, adding to the energy efficiency of the overall building.

Timeline:  Construction Phase

Lead Agency:  Campus-Let

Design:  FXCollaborative Architects, LLP

Contractor:  Volmar

Budget:  $