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Meet Nadav Snir-Zelniker

The jazz program at Purchase enabled me to focus on developing my skills…and to understand the demands of “the real world.”

Nadav Snir-Zelniker, Class of 2002

My name is Nadav Snir-Zelniker, a drummer. I was born in Israel and studied at the Jazz program at SUNY - Purchase College between 1999-2002, Since my graduation i have been living in the New York Metropolitan area and been involved in numerous music projects ranging from acoustic/electric jazz, rock and world-music. As a freelancing musician i have been dividing my time between performing and teaching. I am currently a member of several active local bands on the jazz scene: 

Neil Alexander & NAIL - where jazz meets electronica
The Burr Johnson Band - a powerhouse Fusion guitar trio
Trio Shalva - where jazz meets the music of Israel and the Mediterranean
Trumpeter Tim Ouimette’s “Arts on the Lake” 10-piece-jazz-ensemble

For the past 4.5 yrs I have been the house drummer of one of New York’s finest jam sessions at the Turnmill Bar (E.27th St) - playing along some of the finest cats out there.

The jazz program at Purchase enabled me to focus on developing my skills as a drummer/musician and to understand the demands of “the real world.” I was fortunate to study under some of the best mentors out there, musicians such as: Adam Nussbaum, John Riley, Jon Faddis, Todd Coolman, Richie Morales, Hal Galper, Doug Munro and many others. Our faculty consisted of all active musicians on the scene and through them I got an opportunity to step into the New York Jazz scene. I made lots of wonderful connections at Purchase (including my wife) and until this very day I enjoy performing alongside some of my teachers and very talented fellow students.  


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