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Roof Rehabilitation of Museum, Music Building & Bookstore

Replacement of existing roofs at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Music Building, and Bookstore to address leaks and envelope deterioration.

Project Update as of August 27, 2018

We have begun the process to design the replacement of roofs on the Museum, Music Building, and Bookstore.  Over the next couple of months we will design solutions to a number of problems that impact these buildings. 

Project Overview

In a continuation of repairs and stabilization to the exterior of our buildings, we have selected three more buildings for roof rehabilitation.  These building’s roofs have surpassed their warranties and suffer from a number of leaks and weather-related deterioration.

The Neuberger Museum of Art houses an impressive collection of art as well as exhibits various pieces throughout the year.  A recent project replaced the buildings windows and doors as well as addressed heating and cooling issues.  This project will expand upon that and help in secure the building’s envelop. 

The Music Building’s roof is in need of replacing and is part of a larger envisioned project to address masonry and fenestration issues.  The Bookstore suffers from a number of leaks and is also being looked at to house a new cafe.

This project will allow us to address a number of issues on all three buildings, stop further deterioration, and help in increasing overall building energy efficiency.

Timeline:  Design

Lead Agency:  SUCF


Contractor:  TBD

Budget:  $