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Campus Center North Roof Replacement

Replacement of roof and parapet walls at Campus Center North

Project Update as of December 10, 2018

We are in the process of awarding a construction contractor, with the anticipated start of construction in the Spring of 2019.


Project Overview

Campus Center North houses a number of student support services, student clubs, the dining facility known as “The Hub”, offices and some bedrooms.  The building’s roof is past it’s expected life and currently suffers from numerous leaks and weather-related deterioration.  Water infiltration is causing damage on the inside of the building and other masonry issues.

This project will remove the existing EPDM roofs, adjoining masonry parapet walls, and roof drains, and replace these with new products to not only address the current issues but to also increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Timeline:  Bid Award

Lead Agency:  State University Construction Fund

Design:  Hoffman Architects

Construction:  Sea Breeze General Construction, Inc.

Budget:  $