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Journalism Professor Pays it Forward

Andrew Salomon has endowed a fund for aspiring journalists.

Associate Professor of Journalism Andrew Salomon saw a need, and decided to do something about it, paying it forward in the process.

Recent graduates often lack the resources to pursue the stories they really want to chase. So he’s created an endowment in his parent’s name, The Richard & Marylee Salomon Fund, to present an annual award of $2,000 to a graduate from the last 10 years to complete a story of substantial news value.

Alumni Mixer

Close to 50 people gathered for an alumni mixer for journalists and related fields at the Downtown Community Television Center on Lafayette Street in Manhattan on Friday, November 10, 2017. Salomon took the opportunity to announce the new fund to those in attendance. (See below for gallery.)

Who Should Apply?

Salomon encourages aspiring journalists working in all forms of news media to apply—print/text/book, still photography, audio, video, or any combination.

Creating Space for Stories

According to Salomon, “Journalism is many things, including a craft, a calling, and a business. It is hard for journalists, particularly those just out of college, to consistently practice their craft and answer the call when the business model is still in flux. I can’t do anything to fix the business model. What I can do is to provide a small, annual incentive for our journalism alumni to work on a story that really means something to them, something that they might not otherwise pursue, due to the amount of time or money required. I’m hoping that $2,000 provides enough of a difference, or creates enough space, for journalists to get their stories heard, stories that might make a difference.” 

He adds, “I’m naming the fund in honor of my parents, Richard and Marylee Salomon, because they worked hard to ensure that my siblings and I could attend college without assuming debt. These days, particularly at Purchase, it’s unusual to find students who graduate without loans. This is my way of paying forward a tiny measure of the financial freedom my parents gave me. It’s also my way of passing on their values and their unqualified support. That last part might be most important to me: that alumni of Purchase know how much all of the faculty here value the work they do. It’s important that current students know it as well, that this relationship can continue long after they leave.”

While Salomon will read all applications, the remaining five members of the journalism board of study will select the award winners. 

Plus or Minus 10 Years Out

Alumni of all majors working as journalists who’ve graduated since 2008 may apply by March 15, 2018. But if you graduated a little before then—go ahead and apply anyway.

“The committee will consider your application. The 10-year rule will be more rigidly enforced in the next few years,” says Salomon.

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