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Solar Power Feasibility Study

The Capital Facilities Planning Department of Purchase College retained AKF Group, LLC (AKF) to conduct a study of various on-campus renewable sources of solar energy opportunities, to create a report in which the most appropriate solar systems were compared and evaluated. This report informs future decisions for the execution of the most suitable on-site renewable energy systems at the Purchase College campus and may ultimately serve as a prototype for other State Universities.

AKF and Capital Facilities Planning Group had discussed all academic, residential and support buildings on campus, with respect to a possible implementation of renewable solar energy systems and created the list of buildings most fitting for incorporation of the on-site renewable energy systems.

The following factors were considered during this selection:

•The roof mounted photovoltaic array systems were selected as the most appropriate and cost effective type of the renewable energy systems for the campus.

•Most of the academic buildings have a true north-south orientation with respect to position and angle of the sun during morning and afternoon hours, thus offering the optimal sun rays output in conjunction with the proper layout of photovoltaic modules.

•The roof materials, age, condition and structure were analyzed in order to prioritize the list of buildings. The available roof conditions report, prepared by A.M. Technologies, Inc., was reviewed and evaluated during the development of this list.

Design / AKFGroup, LLC / Mattenergy Solar, Inc.

Completed  January 2009