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Visual Art Exterior Renovation

Project Overview

The building, originally designed by The Architect’s Collaborative, suffers from a number of exterior deterioration issues. This project will address these issues by focusing on the roof leaks and exterior brick and window failures of the building. The work will include replacement of all the exterior windows and doors, and installation of a new roof. The project will also include replacing the glass skylights over the studio spaces and second floor faculty offices, as well as modifying the existing Maass Gallery facade to open the gallery to the Plaza. Additionally, new ‘Green Roofs’ are planned for a large portion of the building and entrance and exit doors will be equipped with new automatic door openers.

Lead Agency / State University Construction Fund

Design / Robert Siegel Architects

Contractor / MPCC Corporation

Construction Management / Pavarini McGovern LLC

Budget / $11 million

Project Managers / Sean Connolly & Sayim Malik