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Natural Science Biolab Renovation

Project Overview

Purchase College, is the recipient of a National Science Foundation STEP grant to renovate their existing 1,440 square foot Cellular and Molecular Biology lab suite in the Natural Science building. The current lab suite has not been renovated since the building was originally constructed in 1976. The lab suite is used by undergraduate and faculty research year-round. One end of the suite includes an Electron Microscopy room, containing both a transmission electron microscope and a scanning electron microscope, and the other end of the suite houses the Molecular Biology/Cell Biology lab.

The renovations will include new research stations in the Molecular Biology/Cell Biology lab with adequate room for research equipment, sinks, fume hoods, and wired for networked computer stations, including wireless. The existing preparatory room will be reconfigured to two new spaces, one side will house a new autoclave, dishwasher, and a new large sink for washing gel apparati, including large glass plates for sequencing gels, the other side a new workbench area where faculty and student researchers can analyze digital microscopy images, DNA sequence data and electrophoretic gel data. The Microscopy Room will receive new enlarged sliding doors to allow for more efficient student research training in the use of electron microscopes, new countertops, and refinished cabinets.

The College is managing the construction of the lab suite on behalf of the Research Foundation of SUNY. The project involves the renovation of existing laboratory and support spaces and includes architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, fire protection services, new equipment, and new interior finishes.

The work is being done over the summer and in a manner as to limit disturbance to the adjoining occupied spaces.

Lead Agency / Campus-Let Project

Design / KG&D Architects & Engineers

Contractor / WebNest Construction

Budget /   $320,000.00

Project Manager / Sean Connolly