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Library Renovation

Project Specifications

Located in the center of the Campus plaza, the Library, one of the originally designed buildings by Edwards Larrabee Barnes, has received a $6.9 million rehabilitation.

The project included a major reworking of the Library’s internal circulation, relocation of the building’s entrance, new accessible elevator and ramp, new Information Commons, new Reading and Reference Rooms, a high-density storage area, and three new computer labs.

The interior finishes have been updated along with new furniture. In an attempt to revitalize the Library’s main entrance and presence on the Plaza, the entrance has been relocated to the opposite side of the building.

This shift, opposite our new Student Services Building, has generated a new center of campus activity for academic and social interaction on the plaza.

The new entrance structure utilized a glass curtain wall system to create a transparent, light filled entry space during the day, while allowing the light to radiate outwards onto the plaza in the evening.

The new built-in Circulation Desk area helps welcome visitors to the Library while a new stainless steel and terrazzo staircase, grants access down to the main floor or up to the 2nd floor’s new Reading Room.

The Reading Room, once just filled with rows of high book stacks, has been transformed into an open study area, housing the Library’s art collection and student works from the Art School.

The movable furniture in the center of the Reading Room allows it to be reprogrammed for lectures, shows, and social events.

The space additionally takes full advantage of its vaulted two-story ceiling allowing natural light to spill through to the 1st floor and further into the building.

The new “smart” computer labs, along with two new Information Commons, brings 21st century technology into the Library’s expanding range of services; new finishes including ceilings and lighting along with new and updated furniture, round out the rehabilitated Library.

A lighter color palette, working with the addition of more natural light, breathes life into what was once a dark and underutilized space. This transformation has created a warm, inviting destination on the campus and has allowed the Library to shine once again.

Lead Agency / The State University Construction Fund

Design / Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman Architects P.C.

Contractor / Summit Construction Services Group, Inc.

Budget / $6.1 million

Completed August 2008


Masonry Repairs:  Library and Music Building

Now that all major construction on the Library has been completed, a few practical yet cosmetic changes recently wrapped up during September 2009. Notably, the windows on the east Library façade were recently changed, to provide better insulation. If you look closely, the color of the window frames match the color palette of the Student Services Building (which is blue), just across the way.Although construction on the Library finished a year ago, it is worth noting that asbestos has been abated in the building.

Lead Agency / The State University Construction Fund

Design / Hall Partnership

Contractor / MPCC Construction Corp.

Budget / $1.6 million

Completed June 2009