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Humanities Building: End User Relocation

Project Overview

With major renovations scheduled for the Humanities Building, this project was established to address the loss of classrooms and support spaces that would not be available while the Humanities Building is under construction and also address the shortage of classroom space on the Campus. An analysis of the Campus found a number of existing spaces that were currently under-utilized, and could be converted to these new spaces.

A total of (11) new classrooms have been created in three different Campus buildings. Five in the south wing of Fort Awesome, three in the lower level of the Library, and three on the first floor of the Natural Science Building. Support offices were also created in all three buildings. The classrooms were brought online with the start of the Fall Semester and the offices and support spaces will fully be used as construction preparations are made for the Humanities Renovation project.

Lead Agency  /  Campus-Let Project

Design / Capital Facilities Planning / Jacobs

Contractor / Sisca Northeast, Inc.

Budget / $1.8 million

Project Manager / Sean Connolly

Completed / August 2011