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Dormitories: Olde Complex Exterior Rehabilitation

Repairs and replacement of the existing complex’s roof, roof drains, and coping to help address current roof leaks.

Project Update as of March 15, 2021

Currently, our continuing exterior upgrades to the Olde Apartment Complex, where we installed new benches, bike racks, picnic tables, and new large umbrellas in the courtyards next to the service buildings, is on hold due to Covid-19 related issues.

We replaced the existing asphalt pathways in the complex on both G-Street and J-Streets, finished upgrading the unit’s electrical panels, and made the entrance into the Office of Community Engagement office accessible.  Additionally, the roof on the east service building was replaced, the exterior of the apartments painted with new accent colors, and interior painting and new flooring installed in the units.

There’s still more planned including renovating the existing stairs and ramp that lead to the East 4 parking lot, repaving H-Street.  

Project Overview

The Phase 1 housing complex, also referred to as ‘The Olde’, is one of the original dormitories on the campus, built in 1976. The complex is composed of eight separate buildings, housing 362 beds. Six of these buildings are actual housing, with the other two buildings acting as support (laundry and mechanical services).

The buildings suffer from a number of issues ranging from roof leaks, deteriorating wood siding, original windows and doors, and a number of other issues which has led to the infiltration of water into the building, accelerating the complex’s overall deterioration. This project will begin to address these issues and stem further deterioration of the buildings.

The work involves includes repairs and replacement of the existing complex’s roof, roof drains, and coping to help address current roof leaks. A percentage of the building’s T-11 wood siding will also be replaced as many areas show signs of deterioration and rot. Existing exterior wood doors, sidelights, and frames will be replaced with new steel doors and frames and aluminum windows to address physical wear as well as security issues.

Timeline  / Construction

Lead Agency / DASNY & SUCF

Design / Superstructures & H2M Architects

Contractor / TBD

Budget / $

Construction Photos