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New Residence Hall - Wayback

Construction of a new 300+ bed residence hall.

Project Overview

Based upon the recommendations of a new dorm feasibility study that was recently completed and the need to address the lack of available and adequate housing on campus, a new 300+ bed dormitory is required. This project will meet these needs by providing the design and construction of a new dormitory building and eliminate the need to house students off-site at local hotels at the beginning of the semesters.

The typical unit type shall be designed as a ‘Junior Suite’ style apartment, which will include a double and two single bedrooms, a separate toilet room and separate shower. This unit type will also be mixed with the proper number of single units throughout the building. Amenities shall include lounge spaces on each floor, a laundry room, a flexible multi-purpose room and other spaces to encourage interaction and meeting places.

Lead Agency:  Purchase College Housing Authority II

Design:  Newman Architects

Construction Manager-Contractor:  KBE Building Corporation 

Budget:  $28 Million

Project Manager: Wayne Rush

Project Photos