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Rehabilitate Exteriors: Various Buildings (Phase 2)

Project Overview

Many of the campus’ academic buildings suffer from exterior deterioration problems, including leaks, heat lost, old windows and doors, and aging roofs. As large construction projects are initiated, a number of these issues are addressed, but there still remain buildings in need of repairs and restoration.

The State Construction Fund hired Hoffman Architects, Inc. to review the buildings which weren’t scheduled for repairs as part of other projects and develop a strategy for addressing the issues facing these buildings. Their strategy split the work into two phases based on the scale of work needed and available budget limitations.

Many of the buildings suffer from the same problems. Damaged masonry bricks, and stone lintels needing to be repaired and/or replaced. Mortar joints needing to be re-tooled and sealed. Skylights and windows need repairs to existing sealants and flashing details as well as a number of other items.

Following up on last year’s exterior masonry repairs to a number of our academic buildings on the plaza, this phase will focus mainly on the Natural Science building, but will include work to the Library, Music and Dance buildings.

Timeline   / Project Closeout

Lead Agency / SUCF

Design / Hoffman Architects, Inc.

Contractor / Niram, Inc.

Budget / $

Project Manager / Muneeza Ismail