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Campus Emergency Back-Up Generator Rehabilitation Project

Replace existing generators in the Mechanical Services building that are at the end of their useful life.

Project Update as of January 23, 2019

The contractor is in the process of submitting their closeout documentation.

Project Overview

In the event of a storm or event which disrupts or causes loss of power on the campus, we have relied on our emergency back-up generators.  Our existing generators in the Mechanical Services building are at the end of their useful life.

These generators provide emergency power, lighting, fire alarms, as well as power to the building’s fire pumps, in our academic buildings on the Plaza.  This allows for safe evacuation of our students and faculty in such events and also provides services to our fire protection systems in the building.

This project will design replacements for both generators that are more energy efficient, sized to include the additional loads of our new CMFT building, as well as allowing us to provide power to the building’s telecommunications closets.

Timeline  / Project Closeout

Lead Agency / State University Construction Fund

Design / OLA Consulting Engineers, PC

Contractor / Northeast Generator Company

Budget / $2.8mil