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Preferred Name Policy

Purchase College recognizes that, as a community, many of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves.

As long as the use of this different name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, the college acknowledges that a person’s preferred name can and should be used when possible in the course of college business and education. At the college’s discretion and as may be required by law, certain official correspondence will use your legal name.
The Preferred First Name will appear on the Class List, Snapshot, Mid Term Progress notifications, Moodle, and, upon request, the official email account name.
A student’s legal name will remain unchanged in all other college-related systems, including on the official Purchase College ID (More Card). The college is obligated to use the legal name for many official records and reports, including, but not limited to, payroll records, billing records, financial aid documents, official transcripts, medical records, enrollment reporting, and federal immigration documents. Your preferred first name will not be used on your official college ID. A student may request that a preferred name be entered or changed no more than once an academic year and twice during a student’s tenure at Purchase.

Additional Information

Adjusting the college’s various information systems to include the use of the preferred name is a multiyear effort, due to the complexity and interrelated nature of systems and record sources. We appreciate your patience as we expand our ability to use preferred names in records and work toward providing a solution for this important need. We expect to have the policy, as defined above, implemented for the Fall 2016 semester. As new functionality becomes available, we will update this page with an implementation timeline.

As we work toward developing a comprehensive process, you should not hesitate to contact the Office of the Registrar to request the addition of a preferred first name. You are also welcome to request a confidential consultation with a member of the registrar’s staff. To read more about the resources available to transgender and gender nonconforming students, please visit Transgender Community Resources.

I would like to request a Preferred First Name now

To submit documentation for a legal name change, complete a Name Change form with the Office of the Registrar.