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Admissions Decisions

All admissions decisions are rendered by the Office of Admissions and formally communicated via application portal. Notification of a successful interview, portfolio review, or audition does not constitute an offer of admission.

If a candidate is offered admission, the College reserves the right to withdraw that offer of admission if:

  • There is a significant drop in candidate’s academic performance or s/he fails to graduate high school.
  • We discover the candidate has misrepresented him/herself in the application process.
  • The candidate incurs any disciplinary action from the institution they are enrolled in prior to matriculating at Purchase. We further reserve the right to require the applicant to provide additional information (and/or authorization for the release of information) about any such matter.

The admissions offer is contingent upon completion of your current academic work with the same quality you exhibited in your application. As soon as you finish with classes, we require you to submit your final high school and or college transcript(s) to our Office of Admissions.