Executive Committee

  • Lucille Werlinich

    Lucille Werlinich

    Werlinich Family Foundation

  • Donald Cecil

    Donald Cecil

    Vice Chair
    Founding Partner, Cumberland Associates

  • Michelle C. Ifill

    Michelle C. Ifill

    Vice Chair
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Verizon Corporate Services Group, Inc.

  • Ann Scheuer

    Ann Scheuer

    Vice Chair
    Retired President, Kensington Management Consultants

  • William Klingenstein

    President, Klingenstein Capital, LLC

  • Judith A. Riggs

    Judith A. Riggs

    Founder and President, Judith Riggs & Company, Inc.

  • Thomas J. Schwarz

    Thomas J. Schwarz

    Ex-Officio Trustee
    President, Purchase College, SUNY

  • Catherine Brod

    Catherine Brod

    Ex-Officio Trustee
    Executive Director, Purchase College Foundation and Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Purchase College