Support Purchase College students impacted by COVID-19.

Gifts to the Make An Impact Fund are a top priority.   

200 students continue to live on campus; they cannot return home due to extenuating circumstances and are understandably anxious about their future. Others, faced with these unexpected new expenses, are experiencing personal financial hardships. For those who will return to campus this fall, most will have an increased need for financial aid. Many will need to complete courses in the fall to recover lost credits from the spring semester — all while carrying an already full course load.

Your gift to the Make An Impact Fund will provide relief by paying overdue tuition, room and board, motivating them to return, and providing the wherewithal to succeed. 

Responding now means your gift to the Make An Impact Fund can have double the impact. An anonymous donor to the SUNY Impact Foundation will match dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $50K per campus, all gifts to student emergency funds that are received by June 30, 2020.

Make your gift today.