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Continuing Education - Youth and Precollege

small star icon Summer 2013 Youth Programs in the Arts:
 New! Young Chess Masters

Grades 1–8

Update: This program is canceled.

Typical Day

sci-fi video game action figureSince 600 A.D., chess has fascinated human minds, young and old. Learn classic moves and examine great matches of the past. Much more than a fun board game, chess trains your mind to solve complex problems, piece together intricate patterns, and orchestrate a symphony of moves to create an effective plan. This amazing game helps you to perform better in sports, school, and even in life!

Working on two levels—game fundamentals (openings, middle-game tactics and strategy, and endgame theory) and life applications (problem solving, abstract thinking, improved concentration, and memory enhancement)—playing chess will illustrate how foundations laid out in the beginning have consequences later. Studies have shown that chess not only can help you with math, but also reading.

Discover how Young Chess Masters can develop your mind while entertaining and inspiring you! The instructor will play simultaneous games and lead fun activities to help you become an accomplished chess player. Invite friends and family to observe your new skills in the final exhibition match.

To broaden skills and exposure to the arts, Young Chess Masters can be combined with Young Video Game Creators and Animators (new!), Young App Creators and Designers (new!), Young Architects, Youth Musical Theatre, Young Writers, Young Bards, Young Filmmakers, Creating Comic Books, Creative Vocal Lab, and/or Choral Conservatory to make for a well-rounded summer experience.

Session I: July 1–12
Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
$1,115 for the first registration
$1,000 for the second registration in the family, Purchase College employees and alumni, and early registrations (received by May 3, 2013)

About the Instructor

Christian Fuller, a certified U.S. Chess Federation coach since 1990, has coached in schools from elementary to university in local, regional, and national tournaments and has taught at schools across Westchester County and in Colorado and California. As a student, he played on a team in Eastchester, N.Y., that placed third in the nation.

Updated July 2, 2013

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