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The Pilot Broadview Mentoring Program has been expanded! Residents with a background in:

  • the Medical/Healthcare/Science fields (including psychologists/human services professions) 
  • the Communications and Media fields
  • the legal fields

are invited to become a role model and boost the confidence of a current Purchase College student. Share your experiences with someone who is looking for support about making good decisions in school, starting a career, and developing social skills.

This pilot was formed in partnership with the Career Development Center to connect Broadview residents with current students for one-on-one conversations about careers, academic, internships, work, life experiences, and more. Broadview residents with a background in the following professions are invited to register below:

  • Medical, Healthcare, and Science fields (Psychologists, human services professions are welcome)
  • Communications and Media (TV/Film/Radio, Journalism, Publishing, Public Relations, and (the creative side of) Advertising)
  • Legal fields

Purchase students can investigate and explore their career interests in conversations and connections with a growing Broadview network—offering an insider’s view to potential academic, professional, and career options.

The mentor-mentee relationship is about career professionals offering friendly guidance and encouragement to an up-and-coming generation. It’s based on mutual respect and openness. It’s a two-way street — mentors often say they learn as much as they teach while making a difference in the lives of young professionals.

  • It’s an easy way to give back: Share your experience with a flexible commitment.
  • It’s impactful: Students value your experience and feedback.

The Purchase College Career Development Center utilizes Firsthand, an all-in-one online career engagement platform designed to drive more meaningful interactions with students, applicants, alumni, and employers to match students and mentors. It’s privacy protected – all communication is routed through the Firsthand system. You can communicate with mentees through direct messaging in the system and via phone consultations over a dedicated conference line.

Note: Training is provided periodically and required prior to student interaction.


Register to Become a Broadview Mentor for Medical/Healthcare/Science Fields

Register to Become a Broadview Mentor for Communications and Media Fields 

Register to Become a Broadview Mentor for Legal Fields