Academic Requirements for the Minor in Film/Video Production

Five courses, as follows:

  • FLM 1050/Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
  • PSW 1010/Screenwriting I
  • One of the following two-course sequences:
    • FLM 3025/Documentary Filmmaking and FLM 3050/Directing the Scene
    • FLM 3460/Documentary Workshop and 3620/Experimental Workshop
  • FLM 4010/Short Film Production

Additional elective courses:
CIN 2200/Music Video and Popular Culture
CIN 2500/Principles of Montage
CIN 3040/Film Sound: Technique and Theory
NME 3010/Cross-Cultural Video Production
PSW 3120/The Writer and the Documentary
PSW 3400/The TV Writer’s Room
PSW 3500/Writing the Web Series

For course descriptions, go to:
CIN prefix: Cinema and Television Studies
FLM prefix: Film
NME prefix: New Media
PSW prefix: Playwriting and Screenwriting


  • CIN 1100, being replaced in fall 2018 by FLM 3050, satisfies the requirement for FLM 3050.
  • COM 1400/Introduction to Video Techniques and Technology, offered by the School of Liberal Studies  may be taken in lieu of FLM 1050.
  • COM 3320/Documentary Production, offered by the School of Liberal Studies may be taken in lieu of FLM 3025.