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Liberal Studies: Degree Completion

Are you on track?

Our bachelor’s degree programs are designed for students who are interested in completing their degree within a tight time frame and who are looking for a flexible schedule.

It is possible to earn a bachelor’s degree through either part-time or full-time study by enrolling in one of our degree programs.

Why Liberal Studies?

We believe that students entering professions ultimately benefit from a broad-based exposure to the liberal arts. Majors in the liberal studies program offer an array of pre-professional courses within the context of a liberal arts education. The School of Liberal Studies provides evening-enabled bachelor’s degree programs for students who are attracted to and will benefit from a distinctly Purchase education—one that emphasizes creativity, interdisciplinary work, and social activism. The experiential capstone project is designed to integrate coursework into a compelling piece of work to showcase graduates’ accomplishments.

  • Up to 90 transfer credits accepted
  • Personalized advising
  • Part-time or full-time flexibility
  • Day, evening, weekend, hybrid, and online courses
  • Affordable SUNY tuition

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Students living on the west side of the Hudson River take courses through Purchase College at the Rockland Community College (RCC) extension site located at 145 College Road, Suffern, NY 10901. Courses taught at the Rockland extension site are taught in the evening.

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From our students:

  • <div class="lw_blurbs_title"><p>“As an older student, I was nervous about returning to school after so much time had passed. Liberal Studies welcomed me with open arms and supported my process comfortably. Whenever I had a question, my student advisors were always there.” Andrew Tucker</p></div>

Skill Building: “Shorts” and Internships

To prepare for the gig economy, students are encouraged to gain as many skills as they can while studying at Purchase College. This can be done by taking 2-credit, short-term courses, working on campus, or enrolling in an internship.

Shorts are designed to provide students with marketable skills and competencies they can use to advance professionally. The short format provides a concentrated period of focus for maximum development through rigorous training and practice. The short-term courses begin mid-semester and run for eight weeks. You can search on “short term” in myHeliotrope to find a current list of courses. Enrollment for these courses begins after each semester begins (consult the academic calendar).

Internships offer immersive experiences in a workplace to help you learn more about the day-to-day tasks within a particular field. After securing an internship through JobScore, liberal studies students (including those majoring in communications) should seek approval from their advisor, who can help enroll them in an internship course.

Message from Interim Director Ross Daly

Students arrive at Purchase with a broad range of experiences and diverse backgrounds. While some may have had to overcome substantial obstacles to complete a degree, we find that all are highly-driven. Our majors in communication, liberal studies, and liberal studies: legal studies provide each transfer student with the flexibility to obtain degrees that combine a mix of interesting, yet practical courses. Earning one of our degrees will enable graduates to creatively contribute to traditional and emerging professional careers.

Over the coming years, the School of Liberal Studies plans to offer a range of experiential courses featuring interpersonal and group interactions that focus on analyzing and crafting messages, as well as using data to work with others to solve complex problems and jointly reach common goals.

My job is to help ensure that all of our students are able to navigate their final stage of coursework through a straightforward pathway, and to obtain a degree that will provide a solid foundation for their future journeys in the world of work and in our communities. I invite you to check back for frequent news updates on our site and provide suggestions for new ways we can work together to further your success.

Ross Daly, Interim Director of Liberal Studies