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Tuition and Fees

  • Noncredit tuition rates are the same for New York State and out-of-state residents. In addition to tuition, a $25 nonrefundable noncredit registration fee (per student) is paid once per semester, at the time of registration.

    Students who register only for noncredit courses are not required to pay certain fees (e.g., college, health, ID, technology, transcript), but are responsible for any lab fees listed in the course schedule and for parking costs. Obtaining or renewing a Purchase College student ID (More Card) is encouraged, but not required.

    Lab fees (also referred to as “course fees”) are subject to approval by the SUNY Board of Trustees and are assessed for extraordinary costs associated with a particular course. Lab fees must be added to the payments for courses when applicable, and are nonrefundable after the semester or summer session begins. (Lab fees are listed in the myHeliotrope online course schedule when applicable.)