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Enrollment Policy

  • Noncredit courses offered by the School of Continuing Education are open to anyone qualified to do college-level work. Proficiency in English is required.

    • Adults with a high school diploma or its equivalent and visiting students from other colleges may enroll in noncredit courses, provided the requirements above are met.
    • High school students who are at least 16 years old and who have the ability to do college-level work may enroll in noncredit adult courses with parental permission and at the discretion of the School of Continuing Education Appeals Committee.
    • Purchase College matriculated students may also enroll in noncredit courses (excluding the noncredit option in credit courses). To guarantee space in a noncredit course, Purchase matriculated students need to register early and pay the full noncredit tuition.

    Medical and Safety Requirements

    Students must abide by all COVID-19 policies and safety procedures related to the use of college equipment and facilities. For your own safety, please check with your physician before enrolling in any course requiring physical activity, and let your instructor know at the first class session about any physical condition which might affect your participation. Purchase College reserves the right to require approval of the college physician for participation in any activity.

    Please note that refunds cannot be granted for medical reasons after the official refund period for credit courses or noncredit courses.

    Accident/Health Insurance

    Purchase College does not offer an accident/health insurance plan for nonmatriculated students. Therefore, students should be covered by a personal or family policy if they are not enrolled in a degree-granting program at Purchase College.