Rising Star Award

This award recognizes a new (1-5 years) Professional Staff Member’s current achievement and future capacity. Recipients have been identified by peers as a person who, although new,  has already contributed in a meaningful way and has demonstrated the ability to serve in a greater capacity going forward.

2019/2020 Angie Kim: Sustainability Coordinator

2018/2019 Elizabeth Elvira: Administrative Assistant, School of Humanities

2017/2018 Daisy Torres-Baez: Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives

2016/2017 JeanMarie Garofolo De Sa: Executive Assistant to Dean of LAS

Bridge Builder Award

Requiring no minimum length of service, this award recognizes a Professional Staff Member that consistently fosters positive collaboration; someone who has been identified by peers as a person who has worked consistently to increase collaboration among campus departments and groups. The recipient will be a staff member who has demonstrated this collaboration in past projects or through daily interactions.

2019/2020 Jennifer Shingelo: Assistant Dean, School of the Arts

2018/2019 Lauren Johnson: College Prevention Coordinator

2017/2018 Odile Delgado-Lamarre: Assistant to the Chair, School of Humanities

2016/2017 MaryKate O’Keefe: Admissions Event Coordinator

Leader of the Pack Award

Presented to someone with 10+ years of service who is a leader in their subject area, this award recognizes  a Professional Staff Member with specialized knowledge that is important to the Campus. This is a staff member who is a valued source of knowledge for peers. The Leader of the Pack Award will celebrate this career body of knowledge.

2019/2020 Robin Joseph: University Database Administrator

2018/2019 Paul Nicholson: Director of the Educational Opportunity Program

2017/2018 Barbara Moore: Director of Institutional Research

2016/2017 Theresa McElwaine: Senior Web Content Specialist, Academic Affairs

Nomination Process and Deadlines

The call, acceptance and final deadline for the nomination of a colleague takes place during the spring semester.

Nomination submission will require:

  • Name of Staff Member you are nominating
  • Their length of service
  • Brief list of their accomplishments
  • Brief narrative of why your nominee should receive this award

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence are system-level honors conferred to acknowledge and provide systemwide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Nominees for the award must be individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves, their campuses and ultimately the State University and in doing so, have transcended the normal definitions of excellence. Nominees must perform superbly in fulfilling the job description for position held and should also demonstrate excellence in professional activities beyond the parameters of the job description. They should satisfy the standards in a creative and innovative fashion while demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to institutional needs. Capabilities and accomplishments in areas of leadership, decision-making, and problems solving are also considered. (Evidence would include professional recognitions, initiation of ideas, development of proposals, committee activities, etc…)

For more information on The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, visit the SUNY Awards webpage.