Program Goal:

Capitalizing on the fact that New York City is home to some of the world’s biggest companies, museums, and theaters as well as the experiences and knowledge of our dedicated professors, staff and alumni, our goal is to expose Purchase College students to the intersection of innovation, art, and power that New York City has to offer making it effectively an extension of our campus allowing students to learn outside the classroom while creating connections with peers, alumni, and faculty in the City.

To sign up for a Purchase in the City trip, please complete the following RSVP for the specific date and trip you are interested in attending. Students should RSVP by the the close of business on the Wednesday prior to each trip.

Please note that majority of the Saturday trips will leave campus by 11:30am and return back to campus no later than 6:30pm. (depending on traffic).

Fall 2020 Offerings:

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management will be arranging custom virtual experiences for Purchase students to participate in this fall semester.