New Policy and Procedures:

Please follow the instructions to be hired. ALL requirements must be met before any employment on campus begins.  

Instructions for Payroll requirements can be found on the Work Study Online Portal:

  1. Video Tutorial- Are you eligible for Work Study? Where to begin (Link)
  2. Video Transcript -(PDF)

General Instructions:

  • Accept or decline your award
  • Hand in all the required Hire Forms to Student Financial Services
  • Apply! Job postings can be found on JobScore - linked here
  • Wait for a supervisor to offer you a position.
    • To initiate the Hire Form process; your direct supervisor MUST email our office 
    • A Hire Form will need to be submitted to be signed electronically by both student and potential supervisor.  
    • Allow 4-5 Business Days for students to be assigned a SUNY ID (Required for access to Timesheets)
  • Click on the SUNY Timesheets Tab to submit Timesheets