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All candidates for admission are evaluated for scholarship at the time of review. We seek to award as many qualified candidates as our funds will allow. Last year, Purchase College offered approximately $2.2 million in merit and talent scholarships to academically qualified new and returning students.

Incoming freshmen are eligible for several different annual scholarships with awards ranging from $200 to full tuition. Scholarship recipients pursuing BA/BS programs are selected based on academic credentials as measured by academic achievement. BFA and MusB candidates are awarded scholarships based on talent demonstrated during the application process.

Recognizing that students today must often fund portions of their college expenses through scholarships given by private agencies, civic groups, companies, and other independent organizations, the Office of Student Financial Services monitors and advises students of opportunities for students to obtain outside scholarships.

Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are made available directly from the college by the Purchase College Foundation. Institutional scholarships come from the generous contributions of donors to Purchase College. The donor community is comprised of individuals, families, foundations, and corporations.

Requirements for institutional scholarships are as follows:

  • Admissions deposits must be paid by May 1 (applicable to new students only)
  • US citizens and eligible non-citizens must complete the FAFSA every year
  • Students may be asked to write a donor thank you letter
  • Undergraduate students must be working on their first BA/BS/BFA degree in order to be considered for an institutional scholarship.
  • All student must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Community service—students are expected to attend scholarship receptions and some donor events
  • Students should be registered at full-time status (12 or more credits for undergraduates; nine or more credits for graduates). Students who are studying part-time with exceptional academic performance will also be considered.
  • Institutional scholarships (including room waivers) are contingent upon the completion of each semester they are awarded. Should you fail to complete the semester due to a leave of absence, dismissal or suspension, disciplinary probation, and/or withdrawal from the college, the scholarship will be withdrawn in full and must be reimbursed to the college. 
  • Institutional scholarships for students who are residentially suspended, or suspended from campus but allowed to complete coursework remotely, during the semester will be withdrawn in full and must be reimbursed to the college.

Scholarship awards are not automatically renewed for continuing students. Once awarded, students are reviewed each year to determine ongoing eligibility for scholarships. There is no formal application process at Purchase College for institutional scholarships. Scholarship criteria vary for students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences and students in the School of the Arts. Some scholarships are major-specific, so changing majors may impact scholarship eligibility. All scholarships are based upon the availability of funds. Other variables may include residency, programs of interest, and time of admission.

Institutional scholarships are funded for four years (eight semesters) only.

Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship (ESDHS)

The Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship (ESDHS) Program is a scholarship of direct aid to attract and retain undergraduate students to State University of New York campuses who have demonstrated high academic achievement and can demonstrate that they will contribute to the diversity of the student body. The program is for students from a broad range of backgrounds who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in their chosen program or school.

Private/Corporate Scholarships

Private and corporate scholarships are provided from many independent sources outside of the college. Many students overlook the opportunity to receive private scholarships as a source of financial assistance. Check with your employer, a parent’s employer, or a community organization that assists its local residents. Do not overlook your high school guidance counselor for scholarships assistance. There are scholarship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of study.