How to apply for financial aid:

  1. File your FAFSA
  2. Complete the NYS TAP Application
  3. Complete the Financial aid Arrangements form
  4. Complete the Cost of Attendance form
  5. Provide Student Financial Services with a copy of your bill to show you are registered at the host campus.

Payment and refunds:

  • Tuition charges will appear on your ebill online as OVS thru SUNY Tuition. Your balance for the Study Abroad program will appear on your ebill online as Off Campus Charges under the charges section. You can view your ebill through your MyHeliotrope account under the Student Accounts button and then View Purchase College Ebill.
  • All federal, state and institutional financial aid you qualify for will appear as a credit on your Ebill online.
  • Financial aid funds must be used to satisfy your financial obligations with your education abroad program first. Financial Aid funds will only generate a refund to be sent to you directly as the student if the Study Abroad program is already paid in full and you provide a copy of your bill showing it’s been paid in full.
  • If you receive money for the program but decided not to go or withdraw mid-way, you must return the disbursed funds to the Student Accounts Office. Failure to do so may result in a loss of aid eligibility in a future semester and financial liability to Purchase College and/or the host institution.

If you’re not attending a SUNY study abroad program:

  • You must register your program with the Office for Global Education. Please email to start the process.
  • Check with the school/program that they will accept the Consortium Agreement. Financial aid cannot be considered and processed without a complete consortium agreement on file.
  • Check with the school/program whether you are required to pay in full up front. If you pay in full up front and receive financial aid, you will receive a refund for any financial aid.
  • You are not eligible for New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).