The interns help promote campus health and well-being by participating and leading ongoing health promotion programming. The intern will also be responsible for creating, facilitating and marketing a campus program of their own that will support one of the eight areas of Wellness.

  • Interns will attend a mandatory class on Wednesdays, during which the interns will be trained in topics such as: self-care, stress management, mindfulness, interpersonal and active listening, peer coaching skills, and bystander intervention
  • Interns will become familiar with, and model a commitment to the promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Interns will teach, mentor, and assist peers in enhancing their well-being 
  • Interns will assist with preparation and implementation of health promotion programming and campaigns
  • Interns are charged with designing, developing,  marketing  and implementing a  health promotion event
  • Intern will submit a final research paper on the implementation of the project and the learning outcomes
  • Aside from the mandatory class, the Interns will spend the additional committed hours hosting events at the Harbor Center,  promoting programs on campus,  and creating marketing materials.