A Student’s Guide to Managing Stress - learn the effects of stress, how to manage stress and get help to lower your stress.

Balancing Student Stress - a guide on balancing student stress that includes identifying stressors, what causes stress among students, the most common effects and where to find help.

College Student Stress Management - the guide explains the different types of stress that college students face, common causes, and how to prevent/treat stress symptoms.

Coping with substances - A great article written about how using substances to cope can lead to mental health issues.

FreshU - Meditation Guide

Gambling Addiction - This website describes some information about what are the symptoms of gambling addition and how someone with a gambling addiction can get help.

Problem Gambling - This website contains information on services that are available to anyone struggling with gambling related problems, raising awareness of problem gambling, and advocating for those in need.

How to Avoid Stress in College - Tips for students

National Sleep Foundation - Information about and for healthy sleep.

Stress Guide - A comprehensive guide for dealing with stress in college

Stress Management - The college students guide to stress management

Student Wellness - A resource for college students who are considering getting help for mental health issues like stress, anxiety or depression.

Technology and Sleep - Is technology interfering with your sleep?