BIPOC recovery support group - Recovery Dharma offers a free zoom recovery support group for BIPOC

Liberate Meditation App (by and for people of color) – This resource offers some options for self-care.

People of Color Meditation Group - The BIPOC Sitting Group provides a space for black, indigenous, and people of color in our sangha to gather for meditation practice and provide support and resources in navigating systemic racism and other forms of structural oppression in our daily lives.

Radical Self-Care in the Face of Mounting Racial Stress - Article about Self-Care by cultivating hope through acts of affirmation. 

Talking about Race: Self-Care – Resource article about our ongoing commitment to actively think about and take action against racism, combined with a sense of urgency and deep caring, adds pressure and stress to our daily lives. The emotional impact of this work is real, therefore it is vital that we all practice “self-care” to benefit our overall health and quality of life.