Upcoming Events:

  • Oct 25
    silhouette of Pilates pose

    Pilates with Paul

    Time:  5:30pm—6:30pm
    Paul will offer Pilates mat instruction. Pilates is a mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joe Pilates, that builds core strength and stability.
  • Oct 26
    silhouette of seated person in front of a sunset

    Healing Flow with Katie

    Time:  All Day
    A Vinyasa flow from one posture to the next connecting breath with the posture.
  • Oct 29
    A mug in front of a knitted scarf under a tree.

    Knit, Crochet, Relax

    Time:  4:00pm—5:00pm
    Join Shanaz Moudud, Ph.D for knitting and crocheting in the Lighthouse Lounge. No experience needed. Bring what supplies you’ve got, some yarn is available to share.
  • Oct 25
    Two heads with energy field around them

    MELT method

    Time:  6:30pm—7:30pm
    Self-treatment technique to manipulate and rehydrate connective tissue.
  • Oct 28
    Yoga silhouette in front of sunset

    Mindful Movement

    Time:  3:00pm—4:00pm
    Combining Mindfulness and a Slow Restorative Yoga Flow.