Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 29
    an individual doing yog in front of a sunset

    Intro to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

    Time:  12:30pm
    You’ll move through sun salutations and complete a series of standing poses, including balance poses while synchronizing breath with movements.
  • Nov 30

    Meditation Instruction & Practice. First Wednesday of each month is Energy Healing

    Time:  12:00pm
    Dr. Nancy Reuben, Medical Director at Purchase, leads a weekly meditation instruction group and practice for all levels.
  • Dec 1
    two people doing a yoga pose

    Yoga and Intentions

    Time:  4:00pm

    Take a moment to stop give your body what it needs …attention. Allow your yoga practice to be a time where we remove the focus on everything else and give your body the compassion it needs. Set an intention that allows your body to feel loved even after your session

  • Dec 5
    yoga pose image

    Slow Flow Yoga

    Time:  3:00pm
    Combines and synchronizes basic poses and sun salutations with breath awareness ending in full body relaxation.
  • Nov 30
    individual in meditation pose with sunset behind

    Drop-in Meditation Space

    Time:  9:00am
    Stop by the Yoga Sanctuary for a self-guided meditation
  • Nov 30
    A picture of sideways colored pencils that are different colors.

    Creative Espressions LGBTIA+ Space

    Time:  12:15pm
    This is a space for LGBTQIA+ students and allies to connect and socialize,
    while engaging in relaxing activities such as coloring pages, painting, poetry, and other creative pursuits.
  • Dec 2
    A mug in front of a knitted scarf under a tree.

    Knit, Crochet, and Relax

    Time:  4:00pm
    Sit back, breathe, sip tea and hot chocolate, and listen to music as you unwind and create in a meditative space. Bring your own tea cup and supplies if you have them.
  • Dec 5
    ?Pilates? with poses around the word


    Time:  5:30pm
    Pilates is a mind-body exercise evolved from the principles of Joe Pilates, that builds core strength and stability.