What We Do

The Harbor Center’s goal is to increase and promote an optimal state of health and well-being for students while on campus and beyond. We focus on teaching strategies that help students reduce or cope with stress and be mindfully aware of how things like sleep, nutrition, and exercise can impact their quality of life in a positive direction.

We also provide mandated substance abuse education, assessment, and support for students referred by the Office of Community Standards. To make an appointment please email Roberta.morell@purchase.edu or call Counseling and Behavioral Health Services at (914) 251-6390.

Where We Are

The ground floor of Fort Awesome is the home of the Harbor Center, which serves Purchase College students under the umbrella of Counseling and Behavioral Health Services

Why We Do What We Do: The 8 Areas of Wellness and UN Sustainability Goal 3

Our programming supports students to develop in the eight areas of wellness: Environmental, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Financial, Physical, and Spiritual. The Harbor Center staff create and support programming to raise awareness of and offer practice in  the eight areas of Wellness. We help students understand the relationship between developing these areas and achieving health and well being.

Along with the whole Purchase College community, the Harbor Center endorses the United National’s Global Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being encourages the creation of practices for Health and Well-being over the lifespan. We recognize that our climate, cultures, communities and selves are best served through intentional acts to preserve and protect all these resources.